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"Because we need to call the feeling one has after a great loss something, we call it “grief,” but anyone who has experienced it knows that this is just a word assigned to what is, in its shifting, horrible, massive complexity, unnameable. This book is an effort to rename this feeling. It should take at least that number of words and pages to begin to do so. One could say the entire book is a new name, the name of this emotion one can feel after such a loss."

- Matthew Zapruder contributes a new Last Book of Poems I Loved: “Death Tractates” By Brenda Hillman. (via therumpus)

(via therumpus)

Bad Year Anthem | Matthew Nienow

"we can talk about the sun
now, I said
but nothing happened

just ghosts of me
loving my body
& not knowing anything else"

- Kelly Schirmann (kellyschirmann), from HOLY OBJECTS AND OR SHRINES, originally posted at Voicemail Poems

I love this poem & the gleam of its consequences.  (via myshoesuntied)

"poetry is what follows you when you run from it"

- Mark Leidner, The Angel in the Dream of Our Hangover (via lkwldn)

(via kdecember)